Day 2 of Wiki Blogging!

Our Movie!!!!Edit

We are making some movies that we will upload on here and our trailers. The first one is about Katniss and Peeta's grandchildren gets reaped into the hunger games with 10 other tributes. The second one you will need to watch and see.


My character is Katniss Mellark, my grandmother is Katniss Everdeen.

Katniss Mellark

Now to discribe my character. 

I have brown hair , blue eyes,and a big talent passed down from my grandmother, bow and arrows.

As well as tough and sneaky.

Also she is very good at serviving.

She can climb trees very well.

She has very good balance.

Katniss is a brave and knows nature better than anyone in  district12 .

She has a very good sence of style.

Katniss, being the only responsible one in the family, takes care of her little sister Ann.

Karlos's Character, Jack StoneWellEdit

He is a 13 year old from District 2.

He has dark skin, brown eyes, and black hair.

He just hates everything and hates it when people are not indimidated by him.

Kayleigh's Character, Ann MellarkEdit

My character is Ann Mellark, my grandfather is Peeta Mellark.

Ann Mellark

Peeta's son is my father.

Ann, unlike her sister, she is very sensitive and not very tough.

I have light brown hair, blue-gray eyes, pale skin, and freckles.

She is very good at camouflauging herself and using a knife and spear.

She is a very good tree climber, can reconize plants, and has great agility.

Her sweet personality puts her in as the sweetest girl in District 12, but not everybody knows her.

She is a fighter, but doesn't like being under pressure like when she is in the hunger games.

She ants to be allies with almost everybody in  the hunger games and is very nice to every tribute besides the careers.

Because her family contains mostly victors she is ignored by her stubborn family who technickly left Katniss to take care of her.

She goes to the woods to watch her sister hunt and pick flowers.

She is alot like Peeta and isn't a very good hunter.

She loves her family ad cries when she is taken away from her unthoughtful parents.

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