Today is the opening of our wiki and if Karlos Henriquez is seeing this then... WE TOLD YOU SO!!!!!


Well..... Me and Kayleigh were best friends since kindergarden.

We both had a hard year.

She'll tell you about herelife on her section.

When I was five my dad had a heart attack and died.

My mother ,heidi, was struggling for moneyand a house.

Finally, after my mother found a nice house, we got settled.

My life was starting to pick up.

But I stillsuffer from little bits of anxiety.

To this day the OCD monster still chaces me.

I still cry in bed snuggling up to my dadsblanket praying to him.

Sometimes i forget my dad is dead and just get on with my life.

I cant think of anything more lonely than not having a dad.

But otherwise my life is the best anyone coud ask for.

I have a roof over my head and food inmy stomach.

I hope when you read this it will give you hope and realise that no matter how annoying your parents are,you really love them.

As well as you dont realise how much you love them or want them until you dont have them or it.

Kayleigh AnnEdit

You now know about Madi's early life and such now for mine.

My parents got divoriced around my fifth birthday and my brother, who was 3, didn't understand, but I did.

In September I would be in school.

Over the next couple of months we were constantly moving from apartment to apartment.

In school I found a coupe girls, Alex, Madi, Kayla, and Althia, and decided to try being friends with them.

Now I am only friends with Madi.

I liked my friends and I was sad when I didn't see them next year for first grade.

A boy who I found annoying named Karlos is now my friend.

When you read this think about the people who annoy you or you find weird, they most of the time turn out to be great people.

See you tommorrow! Remember stay happy and off drugs kids!

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