You guys know me and Madi, now for the drumroll! Welcoming our cast!

Character Portrayed By
Katniss Mellark Madilynn Fullmer
Ann Mellark Kayleigh Reed
Haylie Reynelos Imani O.
Alex Wheatly Karma Eubanks
Sel Fabrica Selena Rominger
Hykeekee Duhamo Ariana McFarland
Jay Trans Jordan S.
Izzy Fox Isabella Spencer
Tiona Payton Chloe Krotzer
David Electricity Marshall Reed
Jac StoneWell Karlos H.
John Jewels Aj Jones
Mr. Mellark (34) Bradley (unknown)
Mrs. Mellark (31)

Hiedi Krotzer

Head Gamemaker Megsa Gams (33) Meagan Inskip
President Skipin (33) Sean Inskip
12 escort
11 escort
Screna (14)
Aunt Penelope (32)

Bedazzle (a peacekeeper who bedazzles her white


Brooke Thompson
Silva Fashion (stylist for 11 and 12) Tyra Dilts

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